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Why use an adviser?

In order to realise your financial goals in both a safe and effective way, it is vital that you seek the advice of a highly qualified expert. 100% of our adviser firms are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a regulatory body who govern the practice of financial advisers. This means that you can be confident in the knowledge that our advisers will provide you with a fully transparent service, suited to your specific needs.
Benefits of using an adviser

We delve further into the reasons why seeking financial advice is the right and most secure route for those significant financial decisions.

How to choose

Looking at how to utilise the search feature, we break down each financial specialism to ensure that the search you conduct, returns the advisers that are best suited to servicing your individual needs.

Next steps
Once you've chosen the right adviser, know how to equip yourself for that first meeting.

Handy Toolkit

Welcome to our Handy Toolkit, a set of useful guides designed to help you to understand the importance of building your own financial plan and gaining access to the right advice at the correct time in your life.
What is your plan?

We look at why seeking financial advice is important, and the need for protection, planning and preservation of your own personal finances.

Where are you now?

This section gives you a suggested overview of what financial requirements you may currently have and why you should be thinking about your future financial plans already!

How to prepare

We outline some insightful ways you can help equip yourself to ensure you have the right information prepared when meeting your chosen financial adviser. This section also includes our essential printable checklist and budget planner.