Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re having trouble logging in or what to know more information about our own marketing efforts, we detail everything you need to know below. 


Your Listing

Do I need to complete my profile 100% for my listing to appear? i.e. If my online profile on MLA is say 70% complete, will it affect my ranking criteria?

-  No Your registration doesn’t have to be 100% in order for it to go live, however the more complete your registration the more information your potential customers can see which will improve your hit rate.


My FCA registration is under my office address, can I also add my home address details on my entry?

-  No. A registration can only be linked to one office.


Mylocaladviser.co.uk activities

How do you promote the MLA website to members of the public?

1. How do I register on My Local Adviser?

- Go to www.mylocaladviser.co.uk

- Click Adviser Zone

- Click new user

- Follow registration process to the end.

- Verify email address through link received in inbox.

2. I have forgotten my password, can you reset my password?

- Either go to Your profile pages click on 'Change password'

- Or click on 'Forgotten your password' on the login page. An email will be sent to your email address with a temporary password.

3. I registered through Old Mutual, but it is not letting me log-in. How do I access my account?

- You can only log in to your registration via MyLocalAdviser site; The Old Mutual site is for registering only.

- If you are still having problems, contact us by email at support@mylocaladviser.co.uk.

4. I am trying to register my company, but you already have the details, how is this possible?

- MyLocalAdviser.co.uk works on an individual basis. If someone from the same firm has already registered, then your company will appear on the website.

5.  Our firm has several offices, how do I add the other offices?

-  You would need to register any new offices separately with a new contact at this office & a new/different email.

6.  Can I be registered under more than one email address?

- No. A registration can only be linked to one person per office.

7. I have been trying to register, but my company or I do not appear in the drop-down list on the last page of registration.

- If you are a Non-Registered Individual you won’t show in the drop down list, you will need to follow the Steps for Non Registered individuals in the registration process.

-  Please note - We link our company and advisers listings to the FCA register every month, we can be 2 weeks behind on the FCA register records. Please bare this in mind when your firm' details have recently been updated on the FCA register.

 8. Why can I not make changes to my office and company details?

- To change company & office details, you need some office/company ownership permissions. You can request for the permissions or find out who are the permission owners by looking into Your profile pages and contating us if you are not the office or company owner, see button on the page.

9. I’ve made changes to my profile but when I check my listing on the website, the changes have not appeared. Why?

- Our System updates overnight, changes to your firm’s details will show the following morning.

10. I want to upload a logo/photo. How do I do this?

- You can add a logo by to your registration by going into ‘Update your profile’ section, there you can upload photo’s in ‘My Details’ tab and logo’s in ‘My Company’ tab.

- Portrait Dimensions 80 x 100 pixels, Max size 60k

- Logo Dimensions 200 x 100 pixels, Max size 60k

-  Files formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG

-  If needed, our team are able to help, contact us (link)

11. How does the search tool find/choose advisers to Display?

- My Local Adviser finds the closest 20 firms to the postcode location that the user entered in the search. If there are more than 20 firms in the local area the firms are selected at random.  

12. My profile/ Company is not appearing on the search website even though I have registered.

- Some of the details you entered may be incorrect or be out of date causing our system to stop showing your registration on the listings. Our team can help sort the issue contact us by email at support@mylocaladviser.co.uk.

- Please bare in mind there can be a 3 days window from the moment you have registered on our website and the moment your profile is live on the website, when need to validate your registration.

13. One of my qualifications does not appear on the list as I fill out my profile. Can you add it?

- We are currently looking at improving our qualification list.

14. How much does is it cost to sign up?

MylocalAdviser is a completely free service for the general public and for advisers who provide us with consent to share their contact data with the Financial Clarity and Mortgage Clarity consortium members. A listing fee applies to advisers who do not wish to grant this consent.


Technical Issues

I’m having trouble logging in, what do I do?

- Click on 'Forgotten your password' on the login page. An email will be sent to your email address with a temporary password.

I can’t access the My Market Analysis Tool (Pop up blocker)

- You need to have reached the 5 pages of the registration process, prviding as much infomation as possible in order for us to consider your application as valid

- You need to have approved the terms and conditions.

- Our researchers also need to have validated your profile. Please allow 2-3 days in order for this validation to happen.