Post Retirement


Retirement should be something to look forward to, especially after working towards it for the majority of your life. One of the best way to ensure this will be the case, is with proper financial planning, as once you have retired, your income will generally remain fixed, therefore your financial needs may change drastically.

Upon reaching retirement, your focus should change from acquiring, to preserving your wealth in order to ensure that you can confortably continue to fund your lifestyle and fully enjoy your retirement.

Things to consider

Your needs and circumstances will most likely continue to change after you retire and regular financial reviews are important to ensure you can continue to enjoy yourself. If you opted not to buy an annuity you will need to regularly check/ follow the evolution of your investments to ensure that they will continue to provide the income you require.

Your income may not be sufficient and you may need to investigate ways to raise funds, perhaps through equity release, although in this case it is a good idea to speak to an adviser who is not tied to the equity release company first.

Filling out a budget planner will help you to understand your ingoing's and out goings and identify where you can make savings and how much of a deficit you may have.

You or a relative may find that you need to fund long-term care, whether you have a lump sum or need to release equity from a property you should take advice. An adviser can go through your options for this including investments and annuities to ensure that your money lasts for as long as possible.

You may also want to consider gifting money to clode friends, family or even a charity, either directly or through a trust. Furthermore, you may also wish to check that you have arranged your financial plan as tax efficiently as possible to paying more income, capital gains or inheritance tax than you need to.

Regularly reviewing of your financial plan with a qualified adviser can help you to prolong a secure and comfortable retirement.


You might want to consider a professional who advise on some or all of the following product areas Investment, Insurance, Mortgage, Pension and/or Protection.