Receiving a windfall


Financial windfalls are events where an unexpected, unearned, or sudden wealth advantage is obtained. Although there are many positive reasons for receiving a windfall, like gifts, bonuses or even winning the lottery, the windfall are more often obtained through inheritance or redundancy. However you received your lump sum, a financial adviser can ensure you invest it in the most appropriate place for your circumstances.

Things to consider

On receiving an unexpected sum of money it is often tempting to have some fun, maybe go on holiday or buy a new car, but after that most people want to make the most of what is left. You may wish to keep some of it in an accessible account for emergencies but it might be worth considering a longer term investment for money you have no immediate plans for.

An adviser can help you to decide the best way to invest your money for the longer term. This could be by investing for something specific in your future which would therefore mean exploring your investment opportunities. If you wish to save for your retirement you should consider an adviser who is able to give pension and investment advice. You may want to help other members of your family or friends by investing for their future, an investment adviser can help you discover the best way to do this.

If you received an inheritance it may lead you to consider your own circumstances and whether or not you have a plan in place to ensure your family could pay the bills if anything happened to you or your partner, whereby it may be a good time to review your protection needs with a qualified adviser.


You might want to consider a professional who advises on some or all of the following product areas: Investment and/or Pension.