Divorce and Separation


Whilst we hope it never happens, anyone facing a separation is likely to encounter a lot of practical difficulties or emotional stress. You may need to split your assets, property, accounts or insurance policies. One of you may have to find a new residency or it may not be viable for one of you to move out straight away and so you therefore need to work out a way to share a home and the bills for a time. Depending on your circumstances you may also need to work out other logistics such as childcare.

Things to Consider

You will first want to ensure your immediate needs are taken care of, ensure that the children, if you have any, are taken care of, bills are paid and debts are serviced. You will then need to split your assets, if you can do this without involving solicitors it will save you a significant amount of money.  There is more information on how to manage your money and divide your belongings on the Money Advice Service website

A financial adviser can be a huge asset if you are going through a divorce or separation; there are lots of ways they can help.  You may need to change your mortgage or borrow more if you are staying in the same place, or apply for a new mortgage if you plan to buy somewhere new.

You may also need help splitting pensions or investments or need to make your own provision. You might have received a lump sum and want to invest this in a pension or other investment. Often protection and insurance policies are taken out on a joint basis and so you will need to review your cover.

A financial adviser can help you to work out how your needs may have changed and what the best solutions may be for your current situation.


You might want to consider a professional who advises on some or all of the following product areas: Investment, Insurance, Mortgage, Pension and/or Protection.