Benefits of using an adviser

Most of us know when we have an obvious, important financial need and this could be anything ranging from buying a house to setting up a pension. With this in mind it can sometimes be tempting to research the solution yourself; however this can be extremely time consuming and may not result in the best route to take.  Financial advisers are highly qualified experts who are trained to provide you with tailored financial advice so that you are able to make informed, efficient and safe decisions. 100% of the adviser firms on our website are FCA registered meaning that their practices are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA stipulates a specific consumer focused code of conduct that advisers must abide by meaning that seeking advice professionally can reduce your financial risk. Alongside this code, advisers must also complete a course of continued professional development or CPD hours which means they must attend events and consume regular industry information to keep them knowledgeable about the latest products and solutions. Again this enables them to ensure that they are supplying you with the right advice to help you reach the most cost efficient decision.


Financial advice is about your plans and dreams…. NOT products


  • Are you thinking about buying your first home? Have you considered how you may reach the required deposit? Have you also considered which Mortgage you may need?

All of these questions are key factors to think about when planning your finances to realise these dreams. You may also want to consider having a contingency plan in place so that you can fulfil these payments if anything unexpected happens. Financial advisers will be able to advise you on a variety of different scenarios and options that can maximise your financial security.


  • Are you thinking about investing? Would you like to gain a better understanding of the routes you can take to do this? Most financial advisers offer a free first session so you can attend an initial consultation to gauge whether you would like to progress with the process. This ensures you are getting access to a wealth of professional options and solutions to guide your thinking before taking the next step.  


  • Are you considering planning for your future? Do you know what retirement / pension packages are available to you? Financial advisers are obligated to stay up to date with the latest products and solutions so you can be confident that the advice you will receive will be suited effectively to your needs at this time and in the future.


For more information on financial planning and finer details you might want to consider, take a look at our extensive handytoolkit


A Financial Adviser can save you time, money and effort

  • Good financial planning and advice will guide you towards the best and most cost efficient solution for you. Whether this means saving money or helping you fund your future through investment, seeking professional advice will save you the time and energy of trying to filter through the various options and products that are available to you online.  


  • Most financial decisions will have a big impact on your life and therefore require informed thought and a professional outlook. In order to maximise your rate of success and ensure that this impact is positive in the long term, you must seek qualified solutions from a financial professional.


Financial advisers will see things you may have missed


  • Financial planning is more than just buying products to meet obvious financial needs. When seeking financial advice, advisers will also look into protection solutions for you that can help to ensure that that decisions you make are secured for the future. These protection products normally consist of a contingency plan that allows you to safeguard your current lifestyle if anything unexpected should happen.


Financial advisers will specifically tailor advice to your needs


With a lot of financial information readily available to you online including best buy tables and price comparison websites, it seems like it might be an easy task to find your ideal financial solution through individual research.  The information you find may be extensive but it is aimed at a generic, wider audience and may not be well suited to your specific circumstances. This is therefore where seeking professional financial advice comes in.


  • When searching for a solution yourself it can be tempting to base your decision purely on cost factors although this can prove ineffective as it doesn’t sometimes mean that that the cheapest solution is the most suitable. Visiting a financial adviser can assure you that you are buying the best product for your situation at the most cost efficient price.


  • Likewise when you are thinking about making an investment, there are a multitude of solutions available to you that perform in different ways and carry different levels of risk. Basing your decision on a family or friend recommendation or because something has performed well in the past, may not mean it will continue to perform well in the future. A Financial Adviser will research the best solution for you based on your circumstances, attitude to risk, reward and your plans for the future.



Advisers will regularly check that you are on track

Once you have your plan in place most advisers will recommend that you meet with them regularly, usually on an annual basis.* This allows them to review that everything is performing well and ensure you are still happy with your decisions. As Financial Advisers are required to stay up to date with market trends, this also allows them to educate you about any suitable new solutions that may be of interest.  


*Subject to each individual adviser’s terms and conditions. Please get in touch with them directly for clarity.