How to choose an adviser?

How to choose a Financial Adviser

When choosing the correct financial adviser it is important to understand what kind of advice you require before making your final decision. Our Handy Toolkit allows you to find some useful tips , including ‘what is your plan’ where we categorise financial solutions and delve into greater detail about financial planning, protection and preservation.  It may help to download our handy financial checklist  which can help prepare you in your decision and guide you in the right direction when choosing a suitable adviser.


Once you have established what your needs are, you can then be clear on the type of adviser you wish to speak to. Our easy to use search bar not only allows you to search for financial advisers by your location but also contains five filter options: Protection, Insurance, Investments, Pensions and Mortgages that filter advisers based on your specific needs. If you are looking for an adviser who can support you on all of these areas, simply select all of the options presented. For clarity, we have included a brief description of each filter option below:


Protection – Protection products are long term solutions that are focused on safeguarding your family though life’s financial ups and downs. These requirements are future orientated and include solutions such as Life Insurance, critical illness and private medical insurance. 


Insurance – These short term products are designed to provide financial
protection or reimbursement against losses and damages etc... There are various types of Insurance for a multitude of circumstances including Travel, Car and Home insurance.


Mortgages – Mortgages are loans secured against a property for when you are intending to buy, move, borrow more or review your current living situation. Mortgage advisers are specifically qualified professionals who are trained to advise you on these.


Investments – Investments are assets that you put your money into with a view to growing or appreciating the sum. These solutions are normally considered in the medium to long term and can carry different levels of risks. Whether you plan to put some money away each month, invest in one lump sum or review your existing investments, advisers who specialise in this area can provide you with suitable information.


Pensions – Pension products are designed to support you financially when saving for your retirement.  A well organised pension allows you to ensure you keep the lifestyle you want after leaving work. Financial advisers that are qualified in this area will ensure that they weigh up your retirement options and provide you with the most suitable solution.


On the 'Find your adviser' search page, once you’ve confirmed the kind of advice you require, the results pagewill return ten adviser listings in your area to choose from. Each listing will present you with all the relevant information needed to help you to choose the right firm and Adviser. Some of the details supplied on this page include:  


  • Map View – A map pinpointing  all of the adviser firms in your local area
  • Adviser details – Extensive Adviser information that includes company address and contact details
  • Charging structure – A breakdown of how much you will pay for the advice.
  • Business Areas – What products and solutions the firm is qualified to advise on. 


From the results page you are then able to click into each company profile to gain a more detailed breakdown of that specific Adviser. We recommend that you gather a series of questions together to prepare yourself for contacting your chosen firm. Visit our next steps section for more information.


Happy searching!