Next steps

So you’ve now shortlisted your options using our search bar feature on the homepage, what do you do next?


Before jumping straight in to contact your chosen adviser we suggest that you answer a few very helpful questions to equip yourself for that first discussion. The more information you can provide the better able your financial adviser will be to understand exactly what you need and recommend the most suitable direction you can take.


We outline these advisory questions below:


Questions to consider before contacting…



  • Why are you seeking financial advice? What solution do you require for what need? 


  • What advice areas are you looking to discuss? Eg: Retirement planning, mortgages, protection.


  • Are there any special financial circumstances or concerns that you may need to address in order to ensure the adviser is able to help you?


Questions to ask when contacting…


  • Does the adviser offer advice on the area you wish to discuss?


  • Do they have experience with other clients in your similar situation?


  • How long do they expect the sessions to last?


  • How do they charge for their advice? Do they offer a free first session?


To find out more about what you are expected to pay for Financial Advice, visit the Money Advice Service’s (MA’S) website for more information.


Now you are as prepared as you can be to contact your chosen Adviser. Use our office contact information by using Find your adviser page to get in touch with them. Once you have discussed your requirements, visit our Handy Toolkit to access the downloadable checklist to ensure you are prepared for your first meeting.